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Find here APFC Panels manufacturers, APFC Panels Suppliers in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Get contact details, address of the company.

GM Electricals Systems India Pvt Ltd, our range of electronic APFC panels are most important factor in manufacturing industries, factories with high consumption of electricity to run on heavy electrical & electronic machines. These  Automatic Power Factor Control Panels(APFC) help manufacturers to improve their production and efficiency by converting and supplying minimum current as per the electrical power specification. To achieve unity/near unity power factor these panels can be used and even it handles the current lags of the voltage.

How APFC Panels Works?

how-apfc-panel-worksAn APFC Panel is installed to assemble energy by maintaining greater power factor.  This APFC Panel is used to improve the power factor of the power supply system. Electric power supplied by electricity board is termed as KW(Kilo Watt). It creates energy as well reactive the power which is generated by inductive loads and even it helps in bringing the loading capacity of the system. APFC Panels manufactured by GM Electricals used to avoid the penalty caused because of power factor failure.

Salient Features of APFC Panels:

  • Maintains Good Power Factor constantly
  • High efficiency
  • Totally digital setting & handling
  • Parameter setting in RUN−TIME
  • Precise & quick relay controls
  • 4 quadrant PFC Measurement

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