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Since 2009, we are enlisted amongst the reckoned names in the industry as leading Industrial Stabilizer Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The offering range of Single Phase Air Cooled, Three Phase Oil Cooled and, Electronic Voltage Stabilizer are available @market leading prices. This Centralized 3-phase servo stabilizer also provides protection from overload at the input.

Technical Specification of 3-Phase Oil Cooled Stabilizer

Capacity 25 to 1200 KVA 3PH
Input Voltage Range 340V-470V,  AC 3-Phase
Output Voltage Range 415 V +/- 1% ph to ph (240v phase)
No of Phases Three
Output Voltage Regulation +1%
Line Frequency 47-53Hz
Type of Cooling Oil Cooled
Ambient Temperature  0-40°C
Efficiency        >95%
Speed of Correction 30 V per sec
  • Voltmeter to read Input and Output Voltages with selector switch
  • Ammeter to read the Output current
Indications on each phase
  • Input ON
  • Input LOW
  • Input HIGH,
  • Output ON
  • Output CUTOFF

Features of 3-Phase Oil Cooled Stabilizer


Three Phase Oil Cooled

  • Low Voltage Protection
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Load Protection

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact our executive +91 9052299912. Our executives are always happy to assist you with more info!!!

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